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Manoj Bhargava is an Indian American businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Innovations Ventures LLC (dba Living Essentials LLC), the company is known for producing the 5 hour energy drink. Here, He is talking about some rules for success.

His rules of success are –




Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have produced a semantic atlas pin pointing where in the brain definitions of individual words are stored, it provide a map of brain which is used in decoding inner thoughts of a person.

  1. This model shows the words in intensive colors and multiple dimensions. It has been dubbed to brain dictionary.
  2. Different tasks like vision, hearing or emotional processing are done by different parts of the brain.
  3. A semantic system is used for understand the language. It is situated near the back side of the brain. It used in decoding language.
  4. To show how a brain accesses the definitions, they recorded the brain activity of volunteers when they listen to narrative stories. Team was amazed   to find activity across the brain.
  5. MRI scan process is used to record brain activities of volunteers.
  6. Scan showed that blood flow in different regions of brain has increased which coincided with when words were spoken.



overeating is killing 3 times more than hunger!!!

Yes, you read it correct, many studies have proved it.

Facts and statistics about obesity:

Word Health Organisation (WHO) report

  • Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980.
  • In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 600 million were obese.
  • 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in 2014, and 13% were obese.
  • Most of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.
  • 42 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese in 2013.

Definition of obesity:

  • If BMI greater than or equal to 25 is overweight
  • If BMI greater than or equal to 30 is obesity.

Consequences of overweight and obesity?

  • Cardiovascular diseases specially heart disease and stroke, which were the leading cause of death in 2012.
  • Diabetes.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders specially osteoarthritis – a highly disabling degenerative disease of the joints.
  • some cancers like endometrial, breast, and colon etc.
  • The risk for these noncommunicable diseases increases, with an increase in BMI.
  • At least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese.